October 16, 2016

Who we are

Chef Vernon Coelho, President, Western Chef's Association (WICA)Western Chef’s Association, a professional organisation for chefs was founded in Mumbai in the year 2002. Since its inception, WICA has enjoyed a deep and long standing tradition as Western India’s true representation of the professional chefs and cooks.

WICA’s goal is to unite chefs and cooks across Western India in a common dedication to professional excellence. The core idea behind WICA is to set and maintain the highest level of culinary excellence, food standards and professionalism throughout the kitchens and to accomplish these goals through the transfer of skills.

WICA is the third regional culinary association formed in India after the Indian Culinary Forum, Delhi (ICF) and South India Culinary Association (SICA). WICA is a non profit organisation and is managed by its committee members.

Area covered under WICA: Maharashtra, Goa, Parts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Mission Statement:
WICA’s mission is to develop and raise the culinary profile of Western India, its establishment and those working within them. WICA’s aim is to bring together professionally and socially chefs from all establishment throughout Western India and to foster educational programs, with lectures and demonstrations by culinarians and catering experts, thus keeping abreast of any new developments in food and service.

Managing Committee:
President : Chef Vernon Coelho
Vice President : Chef Salil Fadnis
Treasurer : Chef Sudhir Pai
Secretary : Chef Vivek Kadam
Jt. Treasurer : Chef Tushar Malkani
Jt. Secretary : Chef Altamsh Patel

Committee Members:
Chef Chetan Washikar, Chef Ajay Devali, Chef Kshitiz Shekhar, Chef Jerson Fernandes, Chef Vijayendra Pawaskar & Farzana Gandhi